Save Baby Shea!

I’ve been following the progress of a little boy for several months now. In that time, I have to admit I’ve fallen more than a little bit in love with him. His name is Shea. He is four years old and lives in an orphanage in the Ukraine. There is a family here in the U.S. in the process of adopting him and giving him a forever home, with a mommy and daddy, and plenty of brothers and sisters. The story has had its ups and downs, but generally, its been uplifting to watch the process happen. Unfortunately now, we (watchers and prayer warriors over this family) have run into an emergency. Shea has been scheduled to be moved from the orphanage to a mental institution because of his age, and because donations toward his adoption have not covered the cost. If this happens, his new mommy and daddy will have a MUCH harder time bringing home their little boy. I don’t understand all the fine details, but I know that the mental institution fights harder against adoption than the orphanage. If Shea is moved to the mental institution, he will no longer receive the medical care that he needs. He will be bed ridden and receive almost no care at all. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN!!!!

I’ve been thinking about Shea since yesterday when I learned of his new situation. I’ve been thinking how different his childhood is compared to mine. I always had a family. There was always someone around to take care of my medical needs or teach me to do it myself. There was always someone I could run to when I fell and scraped my knee. Always kisses for hurts, advice about boys, celebrations for my milestones, someone to correct my wrongs. If Shea is taken away from his new family, he won’t have any of this. Up to this point, he hasn’t known any of it. He deserves to go home. I read his mother’s blog regularly, and she loves him. They belong together, and you can see it in her words. I know that she and daddy will be there for him when he goes daredevil and scrapes an elbow. They will make sure he has plenty to eat. They will take him to the doctor, and kiss him after the needles and tests. They’ll go have ice cream on especially tough days. He needs to be with them. Shea can be someone if his spirit is nurtured! The only things in the way are money and time. Shea is scheduled to be moved to the institution in a few weeks. We are running out of time.

Meet Shea here!

And meet his mommy here!

Please pray for this little boy. It will mean the difference between having a productive upbringing in a happy home, and being left in a bed for the rest of his life with no one to love him. We can make a difference. My bible says that when two or more are gathered in His name, He will hear! Let’s shake Heaven today for Shea!

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