Take A Look

Do me a favor. Go look in the mirror and come back. I’ll wait…No. Really. Get up. I’ll still be here when you come back…

Oh hey! Back so soon? So, what did you see?

Can I tell you what I saw? Amazing. That’s what I saw.

I woke up a couple weeks ago from a night of sleeping in too late, and when I got to the bathroom I paused to look in the mirror. Yesterday’s makeup was smeared a little. Eyeliner was smudged into a toddler style drawing, in places that eyeliner shouldn’t travel. My hair was sticking up in places and crushed down in other places. I had pillow wrinkles and red splotches everywhere…and as I stood there, I saw…amazing. I saw a woman who is beautiful in the eyes of her Maker. I don’t match the Hollywood standard for beauty. I’m not even close. But I looked in that mirror on that particular day, and it didn’t matter. I think God let me see me the way that He sees us, at least as close as my mind can get to seeing what His mind sees. Flaws and all, I stood there, and I saw a really beautiful woman. Not a super model, but a perfect artwork, carefully and meticulously built, by a Maker who needed a “Misty.”

I think sometimes we listen to the world too much. (<—Understatement of the year). I think we look at Hollywood, and the standards of the world, and other people around us, and we compare too much. Maybe we let other people tell us that we’d be pretty if we just had a smaller this, or a bigger that, or more or less of whatever feature. I don’t think God ever intended that for us. I think that maybe we hear that we are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God, but we don’t really absorb it.

Psalm 139:14 says, “I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are WONDERFUL, I know that full well.” I quote this one a lot. I live by it. You might be totally done hearing me say it. But did you hear that? “Your works are WONDERFUL.” His works are wonderful. His works are not average, or frumpy, or plain, or (fill in adjective of your choice). His works are WONDERFUL. You are created by a Maker whose works are wonderful, and He’s not just any artist. He is the Perfect Artist. He doesn’t have that one piece that He didn’t do so well on, so if His works are wonderful, you couldn’t be anything less.

Genesis 1:27 So God created mankind in His own image, in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them. Now, I don’t know what you think of when you try to picture what God might look like, but I have a hard time believing that He would be anything less than the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. If we even have a small portion of His image built into our being, what does that say about us?

Your being is intentional. Every freckle is where it belongs. You are different than other people, not more or less beautiful. God is a creative artist. No two of us are exactly the same, not even identical twins. Ask a set of twins. They’ll be able to point out their differences. God didn’t make you like the next person, because He didn’t need two of the same thing. He needed a you, and a them. And He seems to think He did a pretty good job on both. And I tend to believe Him, because…well…He’s God.

He seems to know good art too. Have you seen a cheetah? A chameleon? Now, that is some awesome artwork right there. And He didn’t even really build those. He just spoke them, just said a word. But you though…you were built. Handmade. His own breath is in you. You are intentional and beautiful. You are one of His most favorite and intricate pieces. Could He have just said a word to bring you to existence? Absolutely! But He didn’t. He chose something different with us. He went hands on, and molded us exactly how He wanted us. He built each of us individually, for His purpose and plan, and when He did, He liked the finished product.

He doesn’t put out junk or average. He’s not an “average” type of artist. He works on a different scale. He has AMAZING and AMAZING. That’s it. No other options. So which one are you?

Do me a favor. Go look in the mirror and come back. I’ll wait…

Amazing, huh?

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I'm a Christ follower before anything else! I was born with spina bifida. I've heard it called the most devastating, crippling birth defect that is still compatible with life. I have a totally different perspective on that. I'm married to a wonderful man and we are getting ready for some new beginnings! Jump on for the ride!
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